City of East Cobb

More Local Control. Better Services. No New Taxes.

How Will The City of East Cobb Improve Our Community?

East Cobb has a strong sense of community that shows itself through the connectivity among our neighbors. We came together to build East Cobb Park, and to establish the East Cobb Parade along with the Taste of East Cobb. We have a unique identity. However, the local interests of our community are not effectively represented in the Cobb County Board of Commission. Without proportionate representation, we cannot expect political accountability for the citizens of East Cobb.

By creating the city of East Cobb, we have the opportunity to increase our local representation, improve services such as public safety, streamline processes for zoning and road improvements, and lower taxes for East Cobb residents.

The City of East Cobb

The City of East Cobb

  • Lower Taxes
  • Safer Neighborhoods
  • Better Community Services

Proposed City of East Cobb Boundary


Am I in the Proposed City of East Cobb?

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