Your Neighborhood.

Your Dollars. Your Vote.


Families in East Cobb will continue to send their children to Cobb County schools. Our schools are one of Cobb County’s best assets, and that will remain so for all East Cobb residents.

Countless families cite Cobb County’s top-performing schools as a primary reason for living in Cobb County. With the formation of East Cobb, no student’s enrollment in their current school will be impacted. In fact, in order for school zones to change, a constitutional amendment specifically outlining those changes would have to be passed. Our children will continue to attend their current school. Additionally, all existing senior exemptions will remain in place at their current levels.


The city of East Cobb could have its own dedicated police and fire departments. East Cobb police and fire would be able to increase security and patrols through a larger police force, decrease response times, and modernize department technology and officer equipment.

Precinct 4 covers the entire proposed boundary of East Cobb, and has 77 officers allocated to patrol our neighborhoods. However, we currently have only 53 officers in our precincts, nearly 1/3 less than the number of officers on patrol we should have. The new city of East Cobb would be able to double the number of officers on the police force. This larger force would focus its efforts inside the city limits, increasing security while providing competitive pay for police officers and modernized technology and equipment through a fully funded police department. These same budgetary commitments could also apply to an East Cobb Fire Department resulting in increased staffing levels, modernization of technology and equipment, and competitive pay scale and benefits.


Revenue generated by the individuals and businesses in East Cobb should support the communities of East Cobb. Independent studies show the city of East Cobb would yield a substantial annual surplus. As a result, our locally elected officials in East Cobb would be able to implement a significant tax cut for the families in our community.

After examining conservative projections of revenues and expenditures through a feasibility study conducted by Georgia State University, it has been determined that the proposed city of East Cobb would be financially viable without any new taxes or fees.


East Cobb will have the ability to control our own community development by streamlining permitting processes, and passing zonings without interference of votes from outside the city. East Cobb citizens will be able to request road repairs directly to the city, and our community will determine which road improvement projects to prioritize.

Beyond public safety, there are numerous public services that have an immediate enhanced value for the citizens of East Cobb. With the ability to pass zonings without the votes from anyone outside East Cobb, we will have the flexibility to better determine our community development. This includes the capability to stop high-density residential and commercial developments, as well protect public green space such as our community parks. Increased local control will also lead to a streamlined permitting process for residential zoning issues such as home upgrades. The new city of East Cobb will provide better upkeep of our roads within the city. Our dollars will be dedicated to road and infrastructures projects within our city limits, not funding road maintenance for the rest of the county.

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